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What DELIGHTS you most about Lagos

Lagos is Nigeria’s most populous city and commercial capital. Lagos means so many things to different people. Like any other mega city, Lagos could be chaotic, dangerous and expensive, but hey, these descriptions also fit London, New York, Bombay, etc -well at least from the vantage position of a first time visitor.

We are tired of hearing the loud voices of the Lagos haters telling us what they hate or disliked most about Lagos.

We at are now determined to listen to the refreshing voices of people who love and are very passionate about Lagos like us.

Some people cant understand why Lagosians are so passionate about Lagos. Well, we also wonder why any sane person would ever love London or be passionate about Bombay,  but hey, it all depends on whose perspective you look at things.

To show our commitment to this competition, we are offering you a chance to win N8,000 voucher towards your next hotel booking on to share with us what you love most about Lagos.

So, what exactly can you share with us? How about a memorable experience of Lagos, it could be a poem about Lagos which you composed, pictures of Lagos, something about the culture of Lagosians, or your favourite joint where you hangout with your pals.

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Monday, 14 November 2011

Hotels offering 10% discount in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos in the month of December is like no other city in the world. Enjoying December in Lagos does not have to come a price, or does it? is happy to announce the start of the December 2011 promo. is happy to announce it had entered into strategic agreement with some selected hotels across Lagos -Nigeria's financial capital to provide massive discounts in December 2011. is Nigeria's foremost hotel search and price comparison website aggregating over 900 hotels in a single portal to give Lagos bound travelers the power to make informed choices when booking hotels.

If you are planning a visit home to Mum and Dad in Lagos, Nigeria this December, a trip to see the family in Lagos or a short break, it pays to get booking now. And if you plan to escape it all , then you need to book earlier, you can also bag yourself a deal up to 10% discount on some selected hotels.
Some hotels listed on are also offering free airport pickups for those coming from abroad. Book at and save money.

Ireti Ajala (CEO of Spatial Technology Ltd -the owner of said "For as little as N7,200 you can pamper yourself and enjoy the delights of Lagos this December. We are hoping to start a small price war within the hospitality industry in Lagos. We have reasons to believe that our strategy is working because we processed over 800 hotel bookings in October 2011. There must be a reason why all these people trust us with their hotel bookings. "

Some of the hotels offering 10% discount as part of this promo include Chalon Suites (Isolo), Hotel October House (Surulere), Precinct Comfort (Yaba), Spicery (Jibowu), Our Home Suite (Allen Ave, Ikeja), City View Hotel (Oregun), Lekki Heights Hotel (Lekki), KSF Place (Surulere), etc
Click here to see some hotels in Lagos offering discounts in December

Sunday, 2 October 2011 empowers Lagos hoteliers with the launch of a groundbreaking hotel editing tool

Nigerian Hotel price comparison site is happy to announce the launch of yet another groundbreaking marketing tool providing Lagos hoteliers greater control of the appearance of their hotel listing on the popular site. Hotels are now able to manage and update property details including images, descriptions, and amenities instantly using’s specially designed editing tools.

Hotels can take ownership of their listing by creating their own account on They can now log in with ther unique login details and update their website URL, hotel details and also highlight special offers on .

These listing tools place the power of instant connection with millions of Lagos bound travelers directly into the hands of hotel managers without paying any commissions. Hoteliers can sign up to manage their hotel listing and receive a free premium listing by visiting

For hoteliers that lose their password, they can retrieve it in a simple and efficient manner.
“We recognise the need for hotel owners in Lagos to be able to market their direct booking channels and special offers on”, explained Ireti Ajala, Founder and CEO of Spatial Technologies Ltd –owner of He further said “thousands of users expect information from our website to be accurate and most updated. There is nothing annoying and frustrating as much as booking a room only to discover that the published price is 14months outdated. This new tool allows hoteliers take ownership of their listings and ensures that the most updated details about their hotel offerings are published”. continues to break barriers to provide the Nigerian hotel industry with the ultimate sales and marketing tools, delivering customers directly to your door with the lowest distribution costs.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

When it comes to hotel bookings in Lagos –Nigeria, price is more important than Security

A poll has indicated that Lagos bound travelers are identifying hotel price as the most important consideration when choosing their hotels in Lagos

The hotel booking poll, carried out by, revealed that 42% of consumers consider price as the most likely factor to make them book a hotel in Lagos.
The research polled more than 500 online users between December 2010 and June 2011 on what they considered to be the most important factor when choosing a hotel in Lagos.

Security came second, with only 36% of consumers identifying security as the most important consideration.
23% of the respondents said that a good location was the most important factor, while 7% identified the availability of free wireless internet as the most likely factor to make them book a hotel in Lagos.

“The research findings reinforced the importance of setting the right hotel price in Lagos. With the shout of insecurity in Lagos, who would have thought that consumers actually rated hotel price higher than security when booking their hotels in Lagos? Those hotels in Nigeria, especially Lagos that are not appropriately priced could find themselves fighting a losing battle. is giving more power to consumers by helping them compare prices in a very simple way before making an informed decision” said Ireti Ajala CEO of Spatial Technologies Ltd –the parent company of

Wednesday, 16 March 2011 processed over 500 hotel bookings in January and February 2011 –Nigeria’s most innovative online hotel search and booking portal for Lagos announced that over 500 hotel bookings were processed in January and February 2011. –Nigeria’s most innovative online hotel search and booking portal for Lagos announced that over 500 hotel bookings were processed in January and February 2011.

More than 70% of these bookings were from guests visiting Nigeria from abroad with Europe and North America accounting for 32% and 25% respectively.
5% of the guests came from South Africa. An impressive 20% were bookings from guests within Nigeria had processed hotel bookings on for guests staying at Chalon Suites, Tamarin Hotel, Lasal Hotel, Villa Sofia Court, and several other hotels within Lagos.

"Joining has been quite positive” said George –the Hotel Manager for Chalon Suites located in Isolo. He added, “It is important for the Chalon Suites’ brand to be represented on websites that attract our target audience and meets that objective. Having a user arrive on allows the guest to see our hotel rooms in a format that we’re comfortable with. It also exposes them to our unique online experience, which hopefully leads to increased brand awareness and increased bookings. This ultimately leads to customer retention and loyalty to Chalon Suites".

“The guest traffic we are receiving from has increased, being listed on is good for our business” said Mr Shola Adewale –the General Manager of Villa Sofia Hotel located at Omole Estate

“This figure is a positive sign that online hotel search and booking is gaining popularity with Nigerian internet community. will continue to focus on balancing the need to maintain our value proposition with the expectations of providing authentic information about Lagos hotels to Lagos bound travellers,” explained Ireti Ajala, CEO of Spatial Technologies Ltd –the owner of

Victor Akogun -a guest from Canada said, “Thank you for your wonderful website that made it a lot easier to compare hotel prices across Lagos and book directly” is also happy to announce that more hotels from Igando, Ikotun, Egbe, Egbeda etc had been added to the list of hotels searchable. This means that guests are presented with more options when booking their Lagos hotels.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Villa Sofia Court –One of Nigeria's most illustrious hotels in Lagos joins

Villa Sofia Court has entered a partnership affiliation agreement with for online promotion.The hotel, which first opened in 2007, features 19 individually designed rooms and suites. The hotel which is located in the serene quite suburb of Omole Estate (North of Lagos) is 15-25 minutes drive from both local and international airport within the city.

Villa Sofia Courts has enhanced position within the design segment with light, scent, sound and decor which are all important elements in the guest experience. Each room has air conditioning, Colour Satellite TV (multi channel) with , Flat Screen LCD TV, Tea/Coffee making facility, Electronic door Key Card, Safety Deposit, Box Hair Dryer, High Speed Internet Access, DVD on Demand, Alarm Clock Radio. Villa Sofia Court offers 15% discount as part of its loyalty program for all Villakard guests.Villa Sofia Court can also arrange pick up services for guests with the efficient Lagos Redcap taxis or the Metro taxis. Pick ups can be from anywhere within Lagos e.g. airport runs, shopping

Renowned for its uncompromising level of service and attention to detail, Villa Sofia Court provides adequate security for its entire guests. There are 2 main security gates within the estate strategically located en-route to the hotel each manned by experienced security personnel. In addition to these, Villa Sofia Court has armed security personnel on site as well as high-tech CCTV, all these contributed to Villa Sofia Court being one of the safest hotel in Nigeria.

“With over 40million internet users in Nigeria, we have identified hotel online marketing and promotion as one of our strategic plan to strengthen our brand and attract more guests both within and outside Nigeria in 2011. We have nurtured collaboration with since 2010 when their services came to our attention. For a special hotel as Villa Sofia Court it’s important that an online promotion deal does not result in a watering down of the character of the hotel but rather a strengthening of it. And in this respect, joining is a step to gaining wider recognition for our brand”, says Wale Odeyemi General Manager of Villa Sofia Court.

Ireti Ajala the CEO of Spatial Technologies Ltd –the ownner of said, “We are extremely pleased to be chosen to represent Villa Sofia Court. During our preliminary chat, it became apparent that we share the same philosophy when it comes to creating good, unique experiences for Lagos bound guests. has compiled a portfolio with emphasis on hotels with a unique character and Villa Sofia Court exhibits great competence in maintaining the uniqueness of hotel within Lagos”

The agreement with Villa Sofia Court brings the total number of Lagos hotels listed on to 202 with a total of 637 hotel rooms all searchable by Lagos suburbs or price and bookable directly from

Media Enquiry
Spatial Technologies Ltd
14 Raufu William Crescent,
Masha, Surulere.
Mobile: 08023924832 (Lagos)
UK: +447982996752


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Nominate Your Best Lagos Hotel for 2010 Best Lagos Hotel Award

                                                   2010 Best Lagos Hotel Award
Lagos buzzing life is famous the world over for several reasons. And the coolest new trend to hit the city is staying in glamorous hotels. Whether your preference is a fabulous hotel room or an amazing hotel reception, Lagos is is where you want to be to experience it.
However it is becoming quite alarming that some hotels in Lagos are allowing standards to slip. Guests do not get value for their money.
This survey is designed to encourage those Hotels that are still working hard to uphold their impeccable standards and to name and shame hotels that are not worth the money they are charging

How to Nominate
The Award is awarded to the hotel that made a real difference to the hospitality industry in Lagos –Nigeria’s financial capital.

To make a nomination , please click here.

 You’ll need to give us the name and address of the hotel that you think deserves recognition for recent achievements and enter a supporting statement. Your submission will then enter our rigorous judging process. will research the name and prepare a dossier of information on the hotel.

Why should you enter?
This award is designed to encourage those Hotels that are still working hard to uphold their impeccable standards and to name and shame hotels that are not worth the money they are charging

 Have you stayed in any hotel in Lagos in the last 12month? Then you are in the best position to nominate your best Hotel for this award. Do you know of any hotel in Lagos that has gone the extra mile, or that has set new benchmarks in hospitality provision? If so, we want to hear from you.

We need you to rate your nominated hotel based on the following categories:
1. Cleanliness
2. Facilities
3. Service
4. Value for money

The hotel that receives the most votes would be presented with the "2010 Lagos Best Hotel" Award in a colourful ceremony. The winning hotel will also receive maximum TV , print and online coverage.

Rewarding you for Nominating the Best Lagos Hotel
Once the competition has been decided we will pick 6 of the voters at random put them to the public vote on our Facebook page. The voter with the highest vote get an all-paid 1night stay at the prestigious Greenland Hotel in Ajao Estate.

Closing Date
Nominations for 2011 Lagos Hotel of the Year Award must be received by 1/03/2011
For any additional information, please contact Email: