Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What DELIGHTS you most about Lagos

Lagos is Nigeria’s most populous city and commercial capital. Lagos means so many things to different people. Like any other mega city, Lagos could be chaotic, dangerous and expensive, but hey, these descriptions also fit London, New York, Bombay, etc -well at least from the vantage position of a first time visitor.

We are tired of hearing the loud voices of the Lagos haters telling us what they hate or disliked most about Lagos.

We at are now determined to listen to the refreshing voices of people who love and are very passionate about Lagos like us.

Some people cant understand why Lagosians are so passionate about Lagos. Well, we also wonder why any sane person would ever love London or be passionate about Bombay,  but hey, it all depends on whose perspective you look at things.

To show our commitment to this competition, we are offering you a chance to win N8,000 voucher towards your next hotel booking on to share with us what you love most about Lagos.

So, what exactly can you share with us? How about a memorable experience of Lagos, it could be a poem about Lagos which you composed, pictures of Lagos, something about the culture of Lagosians, or your favourite joint where you hangout with your pals.

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