Monday, 27 December 2010

Greenland Hotel & Suites Reservation soars 18% with

Greenland Hotel & Suites -a family hotel based in Ajao Estate Lagos, Nigeria, announced today an 18% reservation revenue increase for December 2010, driven in large part by its affiliation with com -Nigerian most innovative hotel price comparison portal for Lagos.

The Greenland Hotel &Suites is one of the newest ventures in hotel and lodging establishments in Lagos –commissioned on May 1st, 2010. Everything in this hotel is therefor new and sparkling.

Ajao Estate is just 8minutes drive from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, making Greenland Hotel & Suites an ideal choice for travellers visiting Lagos from abroad who do not want to stay too far away from the airport. The hotel has spacious living areas in all suites, and a world class restaurant serving both Nigerian and intercontinental dishes. Each of the eleven rooms has its own bathroom, climate control airconditioners, flat-screen television with cable, bedside fridge and high speed wireless Internet access.

Henry Umunna the hotel manager said “The Greenland Hotel & Suites has an emphasis on comfort and design to give our guests the home away from home experience. The hotel provides ideal holiday and business accommodation for discerning travellers seeking the very best in comfort and convenience in Lagos.” He further added that "Greenland Hotel & Suites has a state-of-the-art security system to provide guests with the privacy they desire"

Ireti Ajala -The CEO of Spatial Technologies Ltd (the owner of said, “We are excited at the opportunity to work with The Greenland Hotel & Suites. While hotel occupancy in Lagos –Nigerian commercial centre is falling perhaps due to the economic meltdown, Greenland Hotel & Suites’ reservation revenue is increasing largely due to the aggressive online marketing strategies advanced by” He further added that “We have worked very hard to improve the online search profile of The Greenland Hotel & Suites. We are therefore happy to see that our effort is yielding positive result for The Greenland Hotel & Suites“

The improved online marketing and search profile of Greenland Hotel & Suites is making it a lot easier for Nigerians abroad visiting Lagos to find Greenland Hotel & Suites in a consistent way when searching online for Lagos hotels in Google, Yahoo or any other search engine. The Greenland Hotel & Suites’ affiliation with also made it a lot easier to book any of its 11rooms online directly from and get confirmation from the hotel. now contains about 300 hotel rooms from 90 different Lagos based hotels. By bringing all the hotel prices into one single portal, this is giving Lagos hotel deal hunters the benefit of price comparison

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Be wary of Nigerian Hotels that do not have web presence

Many years ago, searching for hotel information in Lagos is almost as difficult as climbing the legendary Olumo rock in Abeokuta. It was like most Nigerian hotels had something against the internet and would never contemplate having a website. What for? Lagos bound travellers# then depended on the limited information they could glean from their friends, family members, etc.

There are over 43million internet users in Nigeria as at June2010 representing almost 29% of Nigerian total population according to a recent ITU statistics. So you stop and ask yourself why a 21st century hotel will not want to have a web presence? Some Nigerian Hotels are beginning to realise the potential of using the internet to boost sales.

A number of these hotels now have their own websites, but they deliberately provided very limited information about their facilities, and in some cases completely remove their hotel prices from their websites! Potential guests are expected to call the hotels first to get this information. Well, thank God for the GSM phones, at least people can now call hotels on their mobile phones -this was not possible some few years ago when mobile phones were status symbols in Nigeria

But hey, lets face it, forcing potential guests to call Lagos hotels first to get their prices is punishment especially if these are potential guests living abroad like Europe or America. This is because they are already incurring international phone cost even before booking the hotel all in the name of calling first to get hotel details.

Moreover, Hotels that hide their prices may be hiding more than just prices; perhaps they are hiding more serious details like hidden charges, lack of adequate security for their guests, etc. Some unsuspecting guests may have been committed to them -or shall we say enter into their traps before discovering what this hidden information is,.
Therefore, if you are searching for a good hotel to stay in Lagos, be wary of hotels that do not publish their nightly rates on their websites. Some people argued that not publishing the hotel rate means the hotels do not give ammunitions to their competitors. This is unadulterated nonsense. What stops a competitor from making a probing call pretending to be a guest? is Nigerian's most innovative hotel price comparison website bringing hundreds of hotels in Lagos and their respective prices into one single portal to give Lagos bound travellers the benefit of price comparison. strategic advantage.

Users can book and make hotel room reservation directly from and get confirmation notices directly from the hotel itself. Each hotel listing on has hotel pictures, facilities, hotel prices, and interactive location map to improve user experience.

Hotels that are listed on have nothing to hide, majority of them do feel that publishing their prices on gives then some strategic advantage in a highly competitive market. Hotels can be searched on using Lagos suburbs or hotel prices. guarantees that you will find the lowest hotel rates in an efficient and consistence manner using this online hotel price comparison search engine

This offering ranges from budget to luxury five star hotels with regular savings off the normal room rate for a variety of independent and branded hotels in Lagos.
Remember this is the 21st century -the century of Intrernet, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter, cloud computing, etc. If you are searching for a good hotel to stay in Lagos either for business or pleasure, be wary of hotels that do not publish their nightly rates on their websites, they could be hiding more serious details, and most importantly, run from hotels that do not have web presence!