Thursday, 5 August 2010

Goodbye ...Hello! -Nigeria’s first home-grown online interactive map and location-based service portal that was lunched in the Harmattan season of 2007 has now been retired. was developed on the simple idea of helping people find streets and business locations across Lagos in addition to getting directions to their destinations.

 Right from the inception, demostrated its commitment to helping Lagosians find placesses and business locations in an efficicent and consistent manner. This excited Nigerians and friends of Nigeria both at home and abroad. featured prominently in several blogs and Nigerian national newspapers such as: was listed as one of the 10Nigerian web start-ups to watch in 2009 on recorded over 40,000 unique visitors in the first quarter of 2009. Visitors generated over 21,000 maps showing different streets and business locations as well as over 53,000 street-by-street driving routes from different parts of Lagos won an Award
It was no surprise then that was awarded the prestigious RIMA foundation award in 2008 for the most innovative map-based website in Nigeria

 Goodbye To
However in 2009 we at Spatial Technologies Ltd (the owner of ) took a decision to redesign the portal and incorporate all the useful and positive feedback we have received from our numerous users. However we discovered that our old platform and mapserver used to develop could not support these new innovations coupled with some issues we had with our domain name. We were therefore faced with the inevitable –develop a new portal complete with new branding and identity. This was how the idea leading up to was conceived

 The Birth Of 
We are therefore excited to announce that we have developed a new portal to implement all our new exciting ideas. resonates with our core value of helping people find places in Lagos in a consistent way. With this new site, we are putting the LOCATION back in Lagos, whether it is a trip down the street of Shipeolu in Shomolu or a search for the best restaurant or bank in town.

We also introduced a new icon that can mean different things to different people. No matter what it means to you, we hope that the user experience helps you more easily navigate your

 Improvement1: Zoom via Mouse Scroll
 One of the most obvious changes you will notice in when compared to is the contemporary zoom functionality. This was our answer to several specific requests we got from our users. unlike now has the capability to zoom IN/OUT of the map via your mouse scroll! So why don’t you try it next time you’re on, hover your mouse over the map and use the scroll wheel of the mouse to zoom in or out. You can also us the Zoom slider on the left of the map window.

Improvement 2: Contextual Pictures
LagosLocation now has integrated pictures expected to enhance user experience. This helps users to marry contextual product pictures with the location.

Improvement 3: Panning to see more
Another great feature of is the ease of panning or moving the map around. Simply left click your mouse and drag the map freehand in any direction you want.

 Ireti Ajala (CEO of STL) said:“We have thoughtfully developed to be more helpful, intuitive and engaging especially where the entire experience is within view and contextually relevance throughout. We remain committed to the core premise of providing accurate maps and directions to the people of Lagos every day”

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